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We buy homes in the Tampa FL areas.

We are a small company of friends that love to buy houses in Tampa Florida. We have been purchasing homes from local residents that need to sell quick for a very long time. That makes us fast, efficient, fair, and experienced in the home buying business. Our company focuses on speed and fair cash offers. We really have a simple process for you to sell your home really fast. Call, get an appointment, get an offer. It really is that simple. The best part is that there is no obligation for you to sign a contract. When we go make you an offer, that’s exactly what it is. It is a cash offer to buy your house in its present as-is condition.

Our company Buys Houses fast.

If it is urgent for you to sell your property then give us a call right now. Our phone number is (813)328-2066. If you are like most sellers then getting the most cash out of your house is just as important than getting that money fast. So we strive to offer the highest offers on cash transactions. We take in consideration the current condition of your home, the most recent comparables. We really buy houses fast regardless of the property condition and in many cases the equity situation. Our team has the funds necessary to close really quick and we also have access to millions of dollars from our in network real estate partners. What is our business good at? We buy houses fast, that’s what we are great at! So you can bet that we are ready to buy your home. If you are in a unique situation and maybe think that we can’t help, feel free to call us anyways. We are very flexible and creative and we love problem solving.

I want to Sell my house fast

So you landed on our company website? Chances are that you ended up here because you need to sell you house fast and you don’t have time to lose with a Realtor. A frequently asked question is How Do I sell my house fast in Tampa Bay? Well, please start by calling our office. If its after hours and someone is not at the office the call forwards to some of our most dedicated home buying managers that can assess your unique situation. They will be able to guide you throughout our streamlined home buying system that is designed for the speediest house sales in the Bay and surrounding areas. Let’s connect and help each other.


Cash for houses

Why do we buy houses in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas? We pay cash for houses in Tampa because we live here and we know what is it like living in Tampa, Florida. We love it here and we love both selling houses and we also keep some to make rental investments. Like many people that love tampa, we did discover the coastal beaches, the pleasure of living in Tampa, amazing climate, easy transportation, the many real estate cash investments available, things to do and so much more!